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Career Navigator 2: Problem Solving For Student Success - SELF-PACED is a Course

Career Navigator 2: Problem Solving For Student Success - SELF-PACED



Full course description

This is a self-paced, asynchronous course. Most adult education students face innumerable interrelated challenges and often juggle work and family responsibilities with their educational efforts.  Often, students are trying to address problems while pursuing their educational and career goals, which can feel overwhelming.  A key responsibility of Career Navigators is to partner with students to solve problems and find the balance needed to reach their goals.

This course focuses on strategies and best practices to build students’ problem solving capacity from a strengths-based perspective through the career coaching process.  Trainees will have opportunities to critically examine issues and challenges that students face and explore how to develop unique student-centered solutions to address problems.  This training will explore:

  • Problem solving throughout the career coaching process
  • Decision making styles
  • Overcoming students’ indecision to set goals
  • Accessing and coordinating services available through MichiganWorks to address student challenges
  • Preparing students financially for training and education
  • Trainees should expect to build their understanding and confidence to solve problems, address challenges and encourage students’ persistence when working toward their goals.

Target Audience:

Adult Education Career Navigators, Career Counselors, Academic Advisors and professionals who will be providing career and academic coaching services to adult education students.

Learning Objectives:

  • By the completion of this professional development offering, trainees should be able to:
  • Summarize key characteristics of Strengths-Based Coaching.
  • Reflect on common problems faced by adult education students.
  • Describe different decision making styles.
  • Analyze student situations to determine decision making factors causing indecision or apprehension.
  • Develop strategies to facilitate effective decision making.
  • Discuss services provided to students through MichiganWorks.
  • Assess current relationships with local MichiganWorks offices.
  • Identify at least two ways to strengthen the relationship with local MichiganWorks to support students.
  • Summarize different funding options and resources available to students seeking training and post-secondary education.
  • Discuss ways to incorporate strengths-based coaching when problem solving with students.
  • Apply problem solving strategies to the 3-I Process of Career Coaching.
  • Describe limitations and benefits of each funding source.
  • Demonstrate problem solving and financial preparation in a hypothetical student case study.


3 hours (asynchronous instruction)

After meeting the requirements of this course, participants may be eligible to receive 3 hours of Continuing Education (SCECH) Credits that will fulfill the state licensure requirement for either teachers or counselors.

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