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Career Navigator 10: Growing Professionally as a Career Navigator: Evaluation and Professional Goal Setting - SELF-PACED is a Course

Career Navigator 10: Growing Professionally as a Career Navigator: Evaluation and Professional Goal Setting - SELF-PACED



Full course description

SCECH's: 3. This is a self-paced, asychronous course. Adult Education Career Navigators wear many hats in their role. They are problem solvers, academic advisors, motivators, cheerleaders, case managers, and career coaches. It is critical for Navigators to reflect on their own professional strengths and areas of needed growth to be able to continuously improve their practice, provide quality service to students, and develop professionally. This course focuses on providing Navigators tools and techniques to self-reflect on their current practice and evaluate their performance. All Career Navigators, whether they are brand new to the field or are experienced and highly skilled, can benefit from ongoing training and professional development to hone their skills and qualities that foster supportive, productive relationships with students. Trainees of this course will be able to assess their current strengths and identify specific areas that need professional development using the Career Navigator Core Competency Framework. Using this information, trainees will be guided through professional goal setting exercises. This course will also explore techniques for managing the stress associated with the position and preventing Navigator burn out. This course aligns with the Evaluation Competency from the Career Navigator Core Competency framework.

Target Audience:

Adult Education Career Navigators and professionals who will be providing career and academic coaching services to adult education students.

Learning Objectives:

By the completion of this professional development offering, trainees should be able to:

  • Self-evaluate personal strengths and areas for growth using the competency framework.
  • List major causes of workplace and personal stress.
  • Evaluate personal stress levels.
  • Develop a plan to proactively implement stress management techniques to avoid burn out.
  • Set SMART goals to support competency development.
  • Identify resources, both available and needed, for professional development.
  • Develop long-term professional goals and a concrete action plan to support them.
  • Share professional development best practices with peers from across the state.


3 hours (asynchronous instruction)

After meeting the requirements of this course, participants may be eligible to receive 3 hours of Continuing Education (SCECH) Credits that will fulfill the state licensure requirement for either teachers or counselors.

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