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Career Navigator 1: Theoretical Foundations - SELF-PACED is a Course

Career Navigator 1: Theoretical Foundations - SELF-PACED



Full course description

SCECH's: 3. This self-paced, asychronous course will provide a thorough overview of essential theories and concepts that serve as the foundation for all services provided by adult education Career Navigators.  The training covers a variety of topics including minimizing the impact of the fundamental attribution error, understanding change, motivation, and strength-based coaching.  Trainees will also review and practice using the 3-I Framework for Career Coaching (Inquire, Inform, and Integrate) which outlines clear steps to provide effective career and academic coaching. 


By the completion of this professional development offering, trainees should be able to:

·       Define the Fundamental Attribution Error.

·       Describe three debiasing techniques.

·       Apply the 2-Step Process of Attribution to minimize the impact of the Fundamental Attribution Error.

·       Discuss common reactions to change.

·       Describe key motivating factors for people engaging in the change process.

·       Explain how career navigators can be a change agents.

·       Define Strength-Based Career Coaching.

·       Compare and contrast Strength-Based Coaching with traditional coaching.

·       Reframe barriers/challenges to identify important student strengths.

·       Describe the steps for the 3-I Framework for Career Coaching.

·       List examples of important tasks included in each step of the 3- I Process.

·       Synthesize information and concepts to describe career coaching process using 3-I framework.



3 hours (asynchronous instruction)

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